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Scaffolding Storage Systems: Made to Measure at Competitive Costs

Steel stillage is an item those that work within construction, commercial, industrial or scaffolding industries will be familiar with.

However, not all that work within those industries will be aware what stillage is or what its used for. Unless transporting, storing or moving equipment, heavy goods or scaffolding.

St Helens Plant, based in Merseyside manufacture and supply the UK’s most bespoke, made to measure range of stillage, scaffold storage systems and steel bins.

Our workforce has the skills and ability to provide bespoke stillage fabrication to any specification.


Scaffolding Storage Systems


Scaffolding Storage Systems

Scaffolding, if maintained, dismantled, stored and transported correctly, can last for decades. If scaffolding is not maintained and stored using the correct type of storage, the lifespan of the equipment can be drastically reduced.

Stillage is also available for scaffold fittings and accessories, St Helens Plant manufacture and design various types of multi-purpose stillage suitable for a variety of uses.

Popular multi-purpose stillage we manufacture and supply includes;

Chute Mouth Stillage

The chute-mouth stillage bin has been specifically designed and manufactured with an open chute-type front, permitting ease of access to parts, equipment and tools located inside. Manufactured from high-strength industrial steel, featuring pallet-type feet which provide a secure stacking ability.

The chute-mouth stillage is available painted in any required RAL colour or fully galvansied. Bespoke fabrication to any specification is also available.



Multi-Purpose Mesh Front Stillage

The multi-purpose mesh front stillage bin is one of our most popular types of stillage. Designed with a mesh front that permits easy access to equipment or tools stored inside. This type of stillage is versatile and can be used in a variety of sectors and industries, for a multitude of purposes. Available painted in any RAL colour or fully galvanised.



We also manufacture steel pallets and industrial bins, available in any required specification. Fully galvanised and painted options are also available.


Stillage for Scaffolding

Scaffolding stillage is stillage designed specifically for system scaffolding and tube and fitting systems. Scaffold stillage available to customers includes;

Ringlock Stillagestillage-2

Ringlock stillage manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant features removable mesh side panels, intended to be used to store and transport ringlock and ringlock-type, system scaffolding.


Haki Stillage stilage-3

Haki stillage is another scaffolding specific type of stillage manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant. This type of stillage has been designed specifically for Haki scaffolding.


Single Bar Stillage stillage-1

Single bar stillage is one of the most commonly used types of stillage. Designed with the generic ability to store and transport various types of scaffolding, designed with pallet-type feet permitting convenient, stackable ability.


In order for scaffolding to remain in a fit for working condition, with an optimal lifespan. Scaffolding should be dismantled carefully and stacked in a neat and orderly manner – into the relevant type of stillage.

Stillage manufactured specifically for scaffolding, has been designed to securely support and prevent damage to the scaffold – during transport and storage.


Made to Measure, Bespoke Stillage and Steel Storage

Our team of solution focussed fabricators make it our mission to provide cost effective, practical solutions. We specialise in stillage fabrications, metal storage solutions and bespoke fabrication to any specification.

From super-sized aerospace stillage systems and innovative scaffolding stillage solutions to marine and offshore industrial storage and stillage. Our team has the skills to manufacture and the power to supply – on demand.

Our Passion is in the Production, Our Pride is in the Quality!




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If you’re looking for a made-to-measure stillage solution, in need of a scaffolding storage system or require bespoke fabrication to a very unique specification, contact St Helens Plant on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

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