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The Most Shameful and Shocking Use of Scaffolding Supplies – EVER!

Take a look at some of these shameful scaffolders and ask as we did, how on earth are any of them still alive!

Somehow, these shameful and shocking scaffolders seem to have forgot every part of any aspect of health and safety when working at height and with scaffolding!


reaper-scaffolding-deadly suppliers


How NOT to work at height!

This nimble scaffolder is in the wrong job, think how much money he could make in a circus!

He winds his way down a multistory tenement block of flats at least 15 stories high, with absolutely no safety harness or fall prevention!

Makes you wonder when he can’t even open the safety gate… Is he really a scaffolder or has he just robbed that top flat?

Surely, this so called “scaffolding firm” understands there’s additional scaffolding supplies needed to work from height safely…?

Where was the rest of the crew…?



The Scaffolder Walking Tall – State Side!

Check out this scaffolding superman!

The states are governed by regulations as set out by OSHA right? The US equivalent of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive)

Where was this guy when the training was on?



Extra Scaffolding Supplies Anyone…?

Here’s what happens when there’s a lack of scaffolding supplies!


You really should have stopped before you started, and checked those scaffolding supplies!

Must have been a tight budget with this scaffolding firm, they must have played Jenga and know the higher you go – the more chance there is your gonna topple!



Wet Weather Scaffolding!

We moan and groan at the rain, but to be honest no matter how hard it rains, its nothing compared to the wet weather these scaffolders faced while trying to secure a scaffolding structure in the middle of a UK storm!

Least their using safety harnesses!



How Did The State Side Scaffolder Get To The Other Side…?

Here’s how!

A couple of planks and a ladder – bridged across two buildings 50ft up!!


Perched Like a Pigeon, but Saved on Scaffolding Supplies!

Who needs full system scaffolding when you got some sturdy hop up brackets – the ad on Gumtree said they were “Robust!”

This scaffolder seems to have invested in only a few scaffolding supplies, missing out the actual scaffolding system!


The Oriental Cook Up That Came Before It Was Ordered!

The Chinese are advanced in some of the most complicated and technical industries there is. However, when it comes to construction and scaffolding safety – it’s a very different matter!

Check out these four Chinese workers who failed to even notice the live overhead power lines – whilst wheeling their metal mobile scaffolding tower right through live lines!

Unbelievably, they all survived!


Final Thoughts

It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look back and dug deep within the scaffolding death wish arena!

The above collection of shameful and shocking scaffolders shows a severeΒ lack of scaffolding suppliesΒ and safety awareness!

Amazes us any of them are still alive and working in this game!

There’s no way these incidents have been a one-off!

Just goes to show, it’s not just the UK that’s littered with careless scaffolding firms operating with a lack of scaffolding supplies or even any recollection of scaffolding safety!

For those of us that do use scaffolding supplies alongside scaffolding systems and safety equipment, we manufacture and supply both the original version of Cuplock and Kwikstage, alongside our own accredited versions;Β R2Lok and R2Stage.Β We also manufacture all related system scaffolding supplies, tube, board and fittings.

If your stuck for supplies, don’t just carry on regardless like these shameful scaffolders!

Get in touch with St Helens Plant, the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer, with the skills to manufacture and the power to supply – on demand!

If you’d like more information on the scaffolding supplies or services provided and manufactured by St Helens Plant, supplied worldwide. Visit us – STHP.CO.UK or email us – INFO@STHP.CO.UK



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