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Solution Focussed Industrial and Scaffolding Stillage Manufacturer

Over the past few decades St Helens Plant has grown and diversified to meet the growing demands of our customers.

Being well-known for our solution focussed approach to any type of steel or metal storage or access system.

Our award-winning team of engineers manufacture a unique range of scaffolding specific stillage systems, alongside fabricating diverse industrial solutions – catering for a wide range of industrial and aviation industries.

Stillage storage systems

Scaffolding Stillage, Bins and Steel Pallets

We began our stillage product line almost 15 years ago, initially catering specifically for the daily requirements our scaffolding sector customers have to transport and store their equipment.

Our single bar stillage remains as popular today, as it did 15 years then. Our range of scaffolding stillage has expanded and evolved over the years to now provide 17 types of solution focussed stillage systems. Catering for storage, access and transportation of system scaffolding, fencing, scaffold fittings alongside scaffold supplies and equipment.


St Helens Plant - Scaffolding Stillage for Sale

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply the UK’s most unique, scaffolding specific range of stillage storage systems.

Alongside having the ability to provide bespoke fabrication and updated modifications. Ensuring whatever type of equipment or machinery you need to house, store or transport – you have the solution you need, tailored precisely to meet demands.


Industrial Stillage and Bespoke Fabrication

St Helens Plant also manufacture and supply a bespoke range of stillage systems, catering for larger industrial requirements including warehouse stillage and storage systems, armed forces steel storage systems.

St Helens Plant’s award-winning team continue to provide various super-sized aviation stillage trolleys and stillage systems for a well-known UK company, within the aviation sector.

Whatever type of steel or metal storage or stillage system your company requires, St Helens Plant have the skills and expertise to provide bespoke fabrication, to any specification.


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If you’d like to discuss a stillage system you require or for more information on any of the stillage systems available from St Helens Plant, contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email is at –, for a rapid response quote.


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