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St Helens Plant Supports Ireland’s NASAC Safer Scaffolding Scheme

Ireland’s economy has taken a welcomed upturn – with the construction industry also gathering substantial momentum.

Ireland’s growth is happening at an astounding rate, predicted to become one of the EU fastest growing economies, with an estimated increase this year of 6pc. Ireland’s rapid growth rate far outweighs any other EU countries average of only 1.9pc.

In regards to Ireland’s construction, after the dramatic drop seen in 2007-2011 according to the AECOM Annual Review of the Construction Industry, we saw a steady increase of growth during 2014/2015 seeing a 14% rise. Delving into double-digit growth figures for 2016, with 2017 looking just as rapid.

Ireland is taking shape like it has never took shape before, forming itself into one of the EU’s smallest, but strongest economies.

Alongside the economy becoming stronger and the country’s construction industry and exports industries seeing a rapid growth rate. Ireland is also seeing various governing bodies and initiatives being introduced.

Ireland Growth

Ireland’s Safety of Scaffolding Supply

Ireland’s construction, scaffolding and access industry is back full-force, stronger than ever. However, amidst the growth and rapid rise in the economy, Ireland is facing a serious issue of safety of supply.

Ireland’s construction industry is shaping up to become an international front-runner, already overtaking other EU countries in terms of growth.

That said, Ireland is struggling with two main issues in regards to its construction industry;

  1. Safety of supply
  2. Reliability of supply

Ireland is seeing large quantities of unfit for purpose scaffolding, traditional and system scaffolding in circulation throughout the country.

Following recent visits and governing bodies input, it has been seen first-hand within numerous building sites and projects underway. Scaffolding used to provide access for construction is dangerous, debunked and unfit for purpose.


System Scaffolding and Traditional Scaffolding Lifespan

System scaffolding is a popular choice for contractors and companies in Ireland, with many utilising Cuplock and Kwikstage.

Likewise in the UK with system scaffolding especially Kwikstage, being the system of choice in Scotland, with contractors in England often opting for a mix of traditional tube and fitting, alongside Cuplock system scaffolding.

Many of those looking to invest in their own scaffolding will seek second-hand or used scaffold. Although there is nothing wrong with buying second-hand or used scaffolding, that is, providing you do your homework and ensure you find out;

  • Where the scaffolding was manufactured?
  • Who manufactured the scaffolding?
  • What safety standards does the scaffolding conform to?
  • Has the scaffolding been repaired or reconditioned?
  • When was the scaffolding last tested?

One of the most common problems contractors and companies in Ireland are facing is what scaffolding stock they do have – 4 out of 10 companies have no record of when the scaffolding was last tested, when it was last repaired or reconditioned.

Many contractors in Ireland are using second-hand, aged scaffolding – of which there is nothing wrong with, providing;

You implement a scaffold inspection process before and after each project, have a record of when it was last tested, and when it was last repaired or refurbished.

Scaffolding doesn’t have an endless lifespan.

System scaffolding especially – can only be repaired and reconditioned so many times – before its structural stability and weight bearing ability becomes affected.


NASAC Safer Scaffolding Scheme

Ireland are seeing much more than just rapid rates of growth and double-digit percentages. Alongside the welcomed upturn, comes new initiatives to bring Ireland’s safety of supply issue under control.

NASAC is Ireland’s new governing body for the scaffolding and access industry. Acting much in the same way as the UK’s NASC (National Access and Scaffolding Confederation) does in providing their members with updates of legislation, guidelines and health and safety.

Ireland’s NASAC are introducing a new initiative to tackle the safety of scaffolding supply issue. Being fully supported by the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer and scaffolding refurbishment specialist, St Helens Plant.


Scaffold Repair and Refurbishment Support

St Helens Plant, full non-contracting members of the UK’s NASC, are on board to fully support all NASAC members alongside all other contractors and companies based in Ireland.

Providing a range of services including;

  • Scaffold Testing and Verification
  • Scaffold Repair
  • Scaffolding Refurbishment
  • Shot Blasting and Painting
  • Scaffold Collection and Delivery

St Helens Plant are working hand-in-hand with Ireland’s new safer scaffolding initiative to help return Ireland’s aged old scaffolding, dangerous scaffolding and unfit for purpose scaffolding – back to a fit for purpose condition, in line with all ISO and HSE standards and legislation.

Customers that have sizable amounts of scaffolding in need of repair and refurbishment, also have the option to utilise our scaffolding, while theirs is being repaired.

Customers in need of a stock swap, benefit from discounted rates on hire and reconditioning – through the new safer scaffolding scheme.



Award Winning Scaffolding Repair Specialists

St Helens Plant albeit based in Merseyside UK, have for many years worked with numerous companies and contractors throughout Ireland. As many will know, the core of St Helens Plant has and always will be safety of supply.

The UK based scaffolding specialists have had an award winning year and string of successes so far, becoming finalists within the construction news scaffolding and access specialists of the year in February.

Followed by winning this years Build Awards,

Being awarded an excellence award for scaffolding fabrication, repair and reconditioning.


More Details

If you’re scaffolding is in need of the correct testing and verification, repaired or reconditioned contact St Helens Plant, quoting Ireland’s Safer Scaffolding Scheme – for a rapid response quote.

Contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

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