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What are Steel Road Plates and Anti-Skid Road Plates Used for?

Road plates are used in a variety of sectors and industries, available treated with a skid-resistant surface or untreated.

Road plates are specifically designed to provide a temporary solution where pedestrians or traffic need access over broken road areas or ground evacuations. Steel road plates and road plates treated with a skid-resistant surface, permit roads and areas to be remain open during periods of public works, upgrades and maintenance.




What are Steel Road Plates?

Steel road plates are non-treated, steel plates designed to be installed as a temporary road covering. Steel road plates are often used within areas of construction, providing a heavy-duty road covering over areas of work, trenches and excavation.

As fully approved BBA (British Board of Agreement) road plate manufacturers. Steel road plates supplied and manufactured by St Helens Plant are available in sizes and dimensions of;

  • 6ft x 4ft x ½” – half inch standard thickness and
  • 8ft x 4ft ¾” – 3/4 inch standard thickness

All steel road plates are supplied with a full materials test certificate.



Steel Road Plates – Available in a Range of Depths & Dimensions


What are Anti-Skid Road Plates?

Anti-skid road plates, also known as skid-resistant road plates are a large steel plate, designed with anchorage points located on all corners. Manufactured from high-strength steel, skid-resistant road plates have also been treated with a high-friction aggregate, anti-skid surface.

Like steel road plates, anti-skid road plates provide a heavy duty temporary road covering, permitting access over the area of work or under repair.



Anti-Skid Road Plates – Manufactured and Supplied by St Helens Plant


Anti-skid road plates are a popular solution within highway agencies, road networks and local authorities.

As per legislation (Safety at Street Works and Road Works Act), road plates intended for use on UK roads and streets must be treated with an appropriate skid resistant surface.  

St Helens Plant Limited are accredited installers of the Rocbinda Colorvial Anti-Skid, High Friction Surfacing System. Our team are fully approved manufacturers and suppliers of anti-skid road plates, supplying various dimensions and depths including;

Standard Dimensions and Depth

  • 6ft x 4ft x ½” – half inch standard thickness
  • 8ft x 4ft ¾” – 3/4 inch standard thickness



Unique St Helens Plant Hole Pattern


Types of Road Plates Available

Road plates vary in dimension, depth and specification – depending on the intended use. Steel and skid-resistant road plates are available in a range of types, including;

Heavy Duty Road Plates – customers looking for a heavy duty road plate can opt for a extra depth and weight load, with any specification being available from some manufacturers.

Anti-Skid Road Plates – like the heavy duty road plate mentioned above, the anti-skid road plate also features a skid-resistant surface due to being treated with the Rocbinda anti-skid surfacing system.

Premium BBA Authority Approved Road Plates – the local authority approved road plate is fully approved for use within local authority streets and roads. This specific road plate is heavy duty and anti-skid, fully approved in accordance with the safety at Street and Road Works Act.

Premium BBA Airside Approved Road Plates – this type of road plate is used in a very unique industry. Designed to be used for aircraft in situ, manufactured with immense focus on load capacity. Airside approved road plates also feature all relevant and required, high visibility airside markings.


UK Road Plates Manufacturers

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply steel road plates and anti-skid road plates. All road plates supplied by St Helens Plant are manufactured with a unique SHP hold pattern and supplied with a full materials test certificate.

Road plates we manufacture are fully approved by HAPPAS and accredited by the BBA. Our team are certified road plate manufacturers and installers of the Rocbinda High Friction Surfacing System.




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