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Stillage Refurbishment Service, Manufacturer & Supplier

Stillage and steel stillage bins can often look worse for wear as time goes on, mainly due to general wear and tear. Alongside environmental factors such as weather and rust.

As manufacturers of all types of stillage products, St Helens Plant also provide stillage refurbishment – returning your stillage stock back to a structurally sound, fit-for working condition.


new and refurbished stillage for sale


Refurbished Stillage and Steel Bins Service

If you have stillage stock that’s buckled and broken, with smooth edges now sharp, steel bins with holes and pallets in pieces.

Rather than resort to scrapping your stock – consider refurbishing it.

St Helens Plant have the ability to repair, refurbish and return all types of stillage back to a fit for working condition. Extending the lifespan of your stillage, alongside the tools and equipment it’s intended to protect.

We can return your stillage, simply refurbished. Alternatively, we can offer various options to further extend your stocks lifespan. Ranging from fully galvanised to protective paint finishes.




Stillage Manufacturer and Supplier

As ISO 9001:2015 manufacturers of many of the products we supply, we can manufacture and supply any type of stillage – in any required quantity or specification.

Over the years we have catered for many diverse and unique industries, ranging from Aerospace and warehouse to transportation and construction.

Stillage products available for sale can be galvansied, plain steel or finished in any RAL protective paint.

Some of our most popular stillage solutions include;

 u stackers


Space Saving Steel Pallets and Bins

Steel pallets and bins are also a popular choice within many types of sectors, previously our customers have ranged from natural fuel clients and factories to dispatch centers and armed forces.

Whatever type of steel bin or steel pallet you require our expert team of problem-solving engineers can provide a solution designed from the ground up.

We also offer many standard type products, shown on our website. Bespoke fabrication to any specification is also available.

Some of our most popular steel pallets and bins include;




Other Unique Ideas for Used Stillages…

Some Stillages take on a new lease of life and have been re-purposed in a much more stylish way!

Note: St Helens Plant Limited do not supply the re-purposed stillages, shown below.


Coffee Table - Stillage Pallet

Scaffold Board – Stillage Pallet Coffee Table


Refurbished Stillage Pallet

Coffee Table – Refurbished and Re-purposed – Stillage Pallet


More Details

If you have stillage stock you’d like returned back to a new condition, or would like to a quote for any type of stillage, steel pallet or bin, new or refurbished.

Contact the St Helens Plant team on – 01744 850 300 or email us at –



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