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Surreal Scaffolding Staircase – Stretches from Pavement to the Roof!

 An amazing and innovative Dutch architect firm MVRDV’s have designed a temporary staircase installation that is quite unique!

Appropriately named “The Stairs”, the staircase walkway will stretch from the pavement to the top of the stunning Groothandelsgebouw building. The iconic Groothandelsgebouw building was one of the first buildings constructed after the WWII bombing destroyed the city.

The breath-taking building, located next to Rotterdam Central Station, serves as both an office space for numerous businesses, alongside standing tall and a testament of the city’s resilience.

The eye-catching staircase has been purposely designed to look like scaffolding, which many within Rotterdam are quite familiar with, due to the amount of rebuilding and modern development that still continues within the city.

As the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer, we’re also quite familiar with how scaffolding looks. Even we have never seen scaffolding look quite as stylish and contemporary as it does here!


stairs 2


Could scaffolding become a contemporary, sleek and stylish addition to many other modern day buildings?

Many see scaffolding as nothing more than an eyesore, within the UK that is. It’s exceptionally refreshing to see the diversity in design and such innovation in fabrication – as to be delivered by MVRDV.


Not often do we see scaffolding being kept as a huge focus, of the end result, in such a naked, natural but modern manner.


Quite often, scaffolding can’t be torn down and taken away quick enough, yet here we see the innovative Dutch architects doing the opposite – making scaffolding a feature, as opposed to an unwanted fixture. 


The surreal staircase installation will be exhibited from May 16th to June 12th. The entire structure will stand a total of 95 feet tall and stretch 187 feet across. Climbing from the ground floor ground floor to the Kriterion, a rooftop theatre founded by anti-Nazi students in 1945. During the month-long exhibition the age-old theatre will reopen, projecting various films and hosting talks.


Final Thoughts

The stunning scaffolding-like staircase has no plans to be a permanent fixture. However, works are underway and the new structure will soon be unveiled, offering breath-taking views over one the world’s most beautiful cities.

Additionally, kudos to the innovative team at MVRDV for having the foresight, innovation and ability to use scaffolding for construction, as well as design – very refreshing!


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