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System Scaffolding and Scaffold For Sale – Providing Convenience to Contractors on a Global Scale

Looking For British System Scaffolding For Sale, Hire or Buy?

When looking for British manufactured scaffold for sale, scaffolding supplies or scaffold for hire, there’s no shortage of choice and selection. Choosing the right system for the project at hand is one thing, choosing a quality scaffolding supplier or manufacturer is quite another.

System Scaffolding is a modern day modular scaffolding solution with two main types available, Cuplock system scaffolding and Kwikstage system scaffolding.


STHP - British Made Scaffold For Sale

Cuplock System Scaffolding

Cuplock differs from Kwikstage in its design and unique node point connection.

Cuplock scaffolding is quick, easy and convenient to use, identified by the node point that locks using a “cup” fitting mechanism (Hence the name Cuplock).

This allows up to four horizontal members to be connected in a single quick and easy action.


British Made Cuplok Scaffold for sale


Kwikstage System Scaffolding

Kwikstage system scaffolding on the other hand is just as quick and versatile with its own unique design and features. Kiwkstage and related Kwikstage scaffolding supplies have a unique “V” press arrangement which is quickly and easily tapped into place locking the components together.

Both these systems are extremely popular and utilized on a global scale.


British Made Kwikstage Scaffold for Sale

Ringlok System Scaffolding

Another front runner that’s fast becoming a global leader, is the US originated Ringlok system scaffolding.

As the name suggests Ringlok’s unique feature is its rosette type composition which allows connection of the horizontal members in a ring like formation, similar to a circular rosette.

The Ringlok system looks to stand next to the scaffolding system giants Cuplock and Kwikstage and is also 100% pre-fabricated, allowing quick and easy installation with no need for extra fitting or accessories.

All three scaffolding systems offer extreme flexibility, are very adaptable and require no additional parts or loose fittings.

The benefits in that speak for themselves, as the speed of installation is increased almost 50% compared to traditional tube and fitting scaffolding systems.


Ringlock System Scaffold for Sale


Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

There is also traditional tube and fitting scaffolding systems, which still do still serve a purpose and remain widely in use, although the modern day giants Cuplock and Kwikstage certainly take the center stage in terms of convenience.


Choosing The Right Scaffolding System…

With all these options available on the market one wonders which one is the right one to choose?

That question really depends on the project at hand,

All types of scaffolding systems and related scaffolding supplies can be used for almost any project or environment, but the deciding factor in which system is best suited to the project at hand, depends on the type of access required and also which environmental factors will be faced and the type of industry the scaffolding will be used in.

Many within the off shore industry prefer the Cuplock scaffolding system, some within the general construction industry prefer Kwikstage. Some more old school contractors prefer the traditional tube and fittings system.

As mentioned and detailed all systems have their own unique features and benefits.


Choices - Scaffolding for Sale


Seeking The Right Advice…

If you’re in any doubt of which type of scaffolding system to hire, buy or contract it’s wise to seek the advice of a scaffolding manufacturer that’s also a reputable scaffolding supplier, as oppose to just an online scaffolding supplier.

Scaffolding manufacturers have the added knowledge of what works best in a variety of situations.

That being said, there are a huge number of very knowledgeable scaffolding suppliers, but on the same hand the internet of today has been mother to many overnight have-a-go hero’s which are not actually scaffolding suppliers.

Be mindful of this and seek a manufacturer as your source of advice.

St Helens Plant is one of the only remaining all-encompassing scaffolding manufacturers,scaffold sales centers, scaffolding suppliers and scaffold repair and reconditioning facilities left within the UK. With a strong reputation for quality, reliability and safety.

For more details on any of the scaffolding systems or scaffolding supplies manufactured by St Helens Plant, supplied worldwide, contact us- INFO@STHP.CO.UK or visit us at – STHELENSPLANT.CO.UK


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