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The Buyers Guide To Second Hand Scaffolding

When it comes to any type of construction project industrial, commercial or residential – costs always come into play.

Keeping costs minimal and budgets buoyant is factor for every contractor, large or small.

Every contactor, scaffolding firm or construction company and even the evergreen builder seeks scaffolding at some point in their portfolio. Some choose to hire, while others choose to buy. Not all budgets permit for factory fresh scaffolding, leading to many seeking a second hand option.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking or purchasing a second hand scaffolding system. In fact, many reputable scaffolding firms and construction companies operate using second hand or fully refurbished scaffolding.

Take a look the St Helens Plant guide to buying a second hand scaffolding system.


The Buyers Guide to Second Hand Scaffolding


The Buyers Guide to Second hand Scaffolding…

When buying second hand scaffolding you first need to decide which type of scaffolding system best fits the job it’s intended for.

It goes without saying or at least should, any type of scaffolding system, modular or tube and fitting must always be erected, inspected and dismantled by qualified scaffolders.

Once you’ve decided to purchase second hand scaffolding and have the resources to erect, inspect and maintain for as long as the scaffolding is in use, you then need to look for options and see what’s available.

Most people within the UK and US instantly gravitate to the likes of Gumtree or Craigslist seeking classified adverts – of which, there is no shortage of!


When buying from any classified sources, you must make sure you find out the following;

  1. When was the scaffolding last tested?
  2. Has the scaffolding ever been repaired or reconditioned, if so when and by whom?
  3. What safety standards does the scaffolding meet and conform to?
  4. Where was the scaffolding manufactured and by whom?


It’s vital you seek the answers to the above questions, as failing to do so could result in an injury or fatality to you, your workforce, your contractors or those in proximity.


Blindly Buying Second Hand Scaffolding


Buying From a Reputable Scaffolding Manufacturer or Supplier

A word to the wise would be avoid the likes of classified adverts offering second hand scaffolding as rock bottom prices. Yes, you can at times find a bargain – just like you can, at times indeed find a needle in a haystack!

Safe scaffolding bargains found in the world of classified adverts are few and far between – unless listed from a reputable source of supply. Quite often there are more deadly and dangerous second hand scaffolding systems available, than there are safe and stable ones!

The wiser man would and should seek a second hand scaffolding from a reputable scaffolding manufacturer, St Helens Plant are one of many within the UK. There’s also numerous highly reputable scaffolding suppliers that also trade in second hand scaffolding.

By choosing a reputable source to purchase your second hand scaffolding you not only have a point of contact should you need any advice in the future. You also have the peace of mind the scaffolding has been fully tested, repaired and reconditioned to meet UK and EU safety standards and will continue to be a well invested asset to your business as opposed to a huge waste of money or deadly disaster.


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More Details

For more details on any of the second hand scaffolding tested, repaired and reconditioned by St Helens Plant contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk. Local and national delivery is available to all customers within the UK. For customers overseas, our efficient exports division can handle the entire process from dispatch to delivery.

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