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The Full Service Scaffolding Specialists

In today’s market finding a full service anything is easier said than done.

There seems to be so many of the UK’s back -bone of industry that’s quite simply vanished for reasons such as politics, recessions and modern day progression.

St Helens, where we are located and have incorporated the name of our location into our company is a place of historic pride for many who live here.

St Helens in Merseyside, was at one point, a hub of industrial activity in terms of huge industries the UK relied on.

Industries such as coal mining and glass making alongside the very famous cotton and linen industries that were well known for supplying the majority of the UK’s sail making for ships. Alongside the famous copper smelting and brewing industries which were all located within St Helens, Merseyside.


St Helens - Lancashire


St Helens Plant has been a long established scaffolding manufacturer, remaining in the same location, providing the same variety of all-encompassing services as we did almost four decades ago. As progression has taken place and times have changed, to keep up with our industries growth and progression, we too have grown.

That’s not to say we have, or ever will forget how and why we started…

From tools to trade, to making our direct experiences and drive to provide a safe source, of UK manufactured scaffolding a reality –  has been at the forefront of our operations since we began.

St Helens Plant was established to provide an all-encompassing scaffolding manufacturing plant that caters for the design, engineering and fabrication of UK manufactured scaffolding and access systems.

We’re highly focused on providing a full-service company that would manufacture scaffolding and also repair and recondition scaffolding – as well as have the ability to efficiently provide local, national and international dispatch.

Being in the trade as long as we have, working our way from tools to trade then into manufacturing, repair and reconditioning – we’ve seen the cost of poorly manufactured scaffolding, alongside cheap overseas imports.


St Helens Plant - Scaffolding Manufacturers



Scaffolding Manufacturing

Over the past three, nearly four decades we have remained focused on our goal to provide a safe source of UK manufactured scaffolding.

Alongside a scaffold repair and reconditioning center and a bespoke fabrications and updated modifications facility – designed to rectify, modify, repair and recondition where reasonably possible any flaws, defects and unsafe scaffolding in use and circulation within the UK.


Scaffold Manufacturing - St Helens Plant


St Helens Plant have grown to now become the UK’s leading scaffolding manufacturer, and the only original all-encompassing scaffold manufacturing facility and repair and reconditioning center, left within the UK.

To this day, we still have the core of our company focused on scaffold manufacturing. From designing, engineering and fabricating traditional tube and fitting scaffolding systems to the fabrication of modern day modular scaffolding such as Cuplock, Kwikstage and Ringlock.

We also have a dedicated and diverse team of bespoke fabricators, consisting of some of the UK’s most skilled scaffolding engineers focused solely on bespoke fabrication and updated modifications. Catering for all types of scaffolding and access systems within demanding sectors such as; commercial, industrial, offshore, oil and gas and marine industries.


Bespoke Fabrications and Updated Modifications


Commercial and Industrial Access Solutions

Regardless of modern day progression or technology – construction will always be an industry that’s in demand.

As long as there is a demand for construction, they’ll always be a demand for access – to permit construction.

St Helens Plant specialise in providing commercial and industrial scaffolding systems and access solutions. From bespoke fabricated systems to updated modifications we make it our mission to provide the access you require, when you require it. Where you see potential problems, we see a safe, practical and sustainable scaffolding solution!

We’re proud to have the reputation we have alongside the skills to manufacture and the power to supply – on demand!


STHP - Industrial Scaffolding Specialists


Scaffolding Equipment, Supplies and Safety Products

St Helens Plant has grown and in today’s market we not only manufacture, repair and recondition scaffolding.

We also manufacture a wide variety of scaffolding equipment such as stillage, steel pallets and bins as well as an array of scaffolding supplies including; scaffold fittings, couplers, clamps and accessories alongside scaffolding safety products such as; roof edge protection, guard rail systems and fall prevention solutions.


Scaffolding Supplies, Scaffold Safety - St Helens Plant


Scaffold Repair and Reconditioning

Another part of St Helens Plant that remains the same as it did the day we evolved is our devotion to the safety of scaffolding.

Too many times we see, hear and have had first hand experience of those close to us becoming seriously injured and an accident resulting in a fatality – due to unfit for purpose scaffolding and those that choose to cut corners when it comes to the safety of scaffolding – or lack thereof.

Our in-house scaffold repair and reconditioning center has become a central hub for industrial, commercial and residential scaffolding firms seeking a reliable, efficient and practical scaffold and access servicing, testing and verification center and repair and reconditioning facility.


Scaffold Repair and Reconditioning


STHP Metal Fabrications

Just this year, another facet to St Helens Plant has evolved, solely focused on industrial metal fabrications, stillage and steel pallet manufacturing. STHP metal fabrications is a direct division of St Helens Plant catering for larger industrial, bespoke metal fabrications and industrial stillage and steel pallet systems.


STHP Industrial Metal Fabrications



In Summary

For more details on any of the scaffold manufacturing, scaffold repair services or bespoke fabrications provided by St Helens Plant, contact the scaffolding specialists on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk


St Helens Plant - Scaffolding Manufactures

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