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The Ingenious Innovations of Redundant Scaffolding Supplies!

What happens to system scaffolding, tube or fitting scaffolding and scaffolding supplies when their obsolete?

A few things really,

Scaffolding can be and usually is, repaired by a scaffolding manufacturer or scaffold repair facility.

So what else happens with scaffolding that’s past the point of repair…?

Scaffolding that’s past repair or even reconditioning  is generally scrap metal material.

Many people hate the sight of scaffolding, to be fair we can see why.

When running a business and necessary work at height is required, scaffolding being erected around the perimeter or in-front of your beloved branded business can be less than attractive.  It can also give the impression your perhaps not open as usual.

We’re sorry folks! But scaffolding is the only way to gain safe access, as much as it can be an eye sore, it’s a necessity!


There are some very ingenious folks out there who’ve given scaffolding a very attractive – new lease of life!


Intuitive and Unique Uses for Redundant Scaffolding Supplies

Ben Long is the creator of the larger than life and quite iconic and famous scaffolding sculptures!

1# The Larger Than Life Scaffolding Dog!

One of Ben Longs most famous pieces is the larger-than-life 30ft high scaffolding dog! Built BY HAND using scaffolding tube, scaffolding supplies and a scaffolding spanner!

Ben Long Scaffolding Sculptures


2# The Pipe Loft Bed – Made From Scaffolding Supplies!

Like it, love it or loath it!

Whichever way you look at it, its ingenious and innovative to say the least!

scaffolding bed


#3 The Stylish Scaffolding Bed

This very simple yet stylish super-king sized bed is another creative way some individual folks out there have decided to use some obsolete scaffolding supplies and scaffolding tube!

Scaffolding Bed From Scaffolding Supplies


4# Looking for Some Light…? Let There be Scaffolding!

Looking for an bespoke, stylish and simplistic lighting solution?

These creative folks have nailed it with this very unique lighting system, made from scaffolding supplies and scaffolding tube!

Scaffolding Light


 #5 Scaffolding Supplies Styled To The Max!

This very bespoke and futuristic use of scaffolding has never made it look so good! A very cool and creative way to refurbish redundant scaffolding supplies!


scaffolding table


#6 The Creative and Corporate Lighting Solution!

Yet another ingenious way to bring back to life old scaffolding supplies and transform them into a creative, cool and corporate lighting solution!


scaffolding light

 #7 Some clean cut, natural shelving perhaps…?

A very simple set of natural and homely looking shelves, what a contrast from the environment these scaffolding supplies would have been present in previously!


scaffolding shelving


Make Your Scaffolding Supplies Shine and Shout Your Brand!

St Helen’s Plant have got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing scaffolding manufacturers and internationally renowned scaffolding supplies facilities there is!

We’re not just talking about our handsome good looks either!

We manufacture and supply system scaffolding, scaffolding supplies and a tonne scaffolding related accessories and safety products, that rival the rainbow!

Take a look at some of the scaffolding and scaffolding supplies crafted by the most colorful scaffolding manufacturer this side of the Atlantic!


Scaffolding Supplies - St Helens Plant


If your fed up with your scaffolding looking like tubular rust or perhaps your scaffolding supplies and systems could do with a face-lift or reconditioning – get in touch with St Helens Plant!

Don’t just brand your business cards, vans an wagons – brand your scaffolding!

We’re passionate in the production of all our scaffolding supplies and scaffolding systems,

From scaffolding repair and scaffold reconditioning to shot blasting and painting.

We’ve got ya covered for almost every colour of the rainbow!


Final Thoughts

As shown, not in every instance does scaffolding end up on the scrap heap!

Some very cool, creative and ingenious ways to give scaffolding a new lease of life!


If you require your scaffolding to do the job scaffolding is intended to do,

And your scaffolding supplies, systems or related accessories could do with some “personalisation” or in need of repair and reconditioning, contact us!

For more information on any of the scaffolding supplies and systems manufactured by St Helen’s Plant, supplied worldwide, visit us – WWW.STHP.CO.UK or email us – INFO@STHP.CO.UK



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