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The Nuts & Bolts of Scaffolding Supplies


The health and safety of scaffolding… as important as the nuts and bolts

It’s a well-known fact the construction industry is dangerous place, second to the deep sea fishing industry. Around 65% of construction workers regularly use scaffolding. Inevitably scaffolding accidents do occur, with around 50 deaths are reported within the US and approx. 22 within the UK.

Scaffolding accidents are plentiful and happen on daily basis, sadly many of which could be easily avoided if the correct fall prevention, access solutions and scaffolding safety products where in place.

Yeah, but Im not a Scaffolder…

Many overlook scaffolding safety as they don’t think it applies to them personally, but it does. If you’re working on a construction site and near scaffolding, you need to know the risks and how to keep yourself safe.

Scaffolding safety is not just applicable to construction workers, but there are many trades which also use scaffolding and aren’t scaffolders, including; Painters, Carpenters, Roofers, Electricians and Window Cleaners.

Approx. 70% of workers hurt in scaffolding accidents are a result of falling objects, guardrails and supports giving way or being inadequate, or slips and falls. There’s a huge financial cost, with an estimated $90 million in the US and £17.9 million in the UK in lost workdays every year.


Is your Scaffolding Capable…?

At times its perhaps taken for granted, but scaffolding should be easily capable of carrying its maximum weight, with the ability to support in excess of its intended maximum load.

That is providing the scaffolding has been manufactured in line with British, EU and International safety standards. Many ‘cheap’ copied versions are produced from overseas suppliers, and flood both the US and UK markets. There is little to no testing on these systems, load bearing components or vital parts.

Safety Of Supply

To ensure safety of supply it is wise to do a bit of research and make sure your supplier is providing system scaffolding that’s fully tested and in line with relevant safety standards. Another tip is to find a supplier that is also a manufacturer.


This gives you complete access to specialised services such as Scaffold Repair, Reconditioning, Scaffolding Testing, Bespoke Fabrication and a wealth of knowledge and technical know-how, which you could be in need of further down the road.

Further Details 

For more details on the Scaffolding Supplies and Services we provide, contact us on – 01744 850 300 or visit us – WWW.STHELENSPLANT.CO.UK



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