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Why Does the Construction Industry Still Use Scaffolding?  

Scaffolding, be that system scaffolding also known as modular scaffolding or traditional tube and clip systems, will always be necessary when working at height is required.

Some may assume, that surely given modern day advances in technology, an access system as “primitive” as scaffolding would no longer be required.

Some may agree on that assumption, however many won’t – when you look at how simple yet effective, any type of scaffolding is – for providing access when conducting works at height.

Ladders are often a DIY / domestic option that is by all accounts suffice – for many domestic tasks. When commercial, industrial and offshore construction, maintenance or repairs are required, with tools, equipment and machinery needed at hand, scaffolding is the only safe, productive solution for providing access to work at height.




Scaffolding for Construction

Despite how far modern-day technologies have advanced and onsite safety, scaffolding as simplistic as it is, remains the most suitable and productive way of providing access to conduct works.

For centuries, scaffolding has been used to provide access to permit construction works, maintenance and repairs to all types of areas at height. Over the years scaffolding has evolved from its once bamboo composition (still used within some far eastern locations) to state-of-the-art, super light, highly flexible, easy to install systems.


Bamboo Scaffolding

Bamboo Scaffolding in Thailand 2014


Ringlock System Scaffolding

Ringlock System Scaffolding – UK 2017


Scaffolding albeit evolved from its once bamboo, stick-like composition has become a highly advanced access solution available in various types, each with their own individual features and benefits.

In today’s construction industry, scaffolding is designed with very specific features in mind. Convenience is king in the fast-paced world we all live in, with time meaning money and productivity a driving factor.

As a result, traditional tube and fitting scaffolding has evolved – with advances in how scaffolding was manufactured, which produced systems that consisted of prefabricated components, each designed with a specific purpose – known as system scaffolding or modular scaffolding.



System scaffolding includes systems such as; Cuplock, Kwikstage and Ringlock.

System Scaffolding is prefabricated systems, made up of a small number of base components, each designed to fit for its intended purpose.


Prefabricated parts may not sound like much progression. However, when you look at how labour and time intensive installing, adapting and dismantling traditional tube and clip systems are, system scaffolding provides speed of installation and ease of adaptation, that tube and clip systems cannot.

Scaffolding will always be used within the construction industry, as long as working at height is required, there will always be a need for scaffolding to provide access for personnel, tools and equipment to be at height to conduct those works.


Scaffolding: Safety, Features and Benefits

Scaffolding, be that system scaffolds or traditional tube and clip systems, can be specifically designed to provide the exact type of access required to almost any type of structure.

Tube and clip systems offer immense flexibility, with the major drawback being its time and labour intensive to install, adapt and dismantle.

System scaffolds such as Kwikstage, Cuplock and Ringlock offer rapid installation and ease of adaptation, with unique levels of flexibility.


All types of scaffolding are designed with one common objective;

To provide a safe and practical working platform when working at height is required, reducing risk of works – to those working on and in proximity to the structure.


Regardless of which system your company or contractor opts to use, be sure in the knowledge scaffolding be that – mobile scaffolds, suspended scaffolds or scaffolding structures. Are by far the most practical and productive solution for personnel working at height, when tools, machinery and equipment are required at hand.


In Summary

Scaffolding as simple to some as it may appear, is the construction industry’s most valuable and innovative access solution.

It’s true what they say, the most ingenious innovations are often the simplest.

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