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We’ve Got You Covered! World Leading Scaffold Sheeting & Netting – Now Available

St Helens Plant have a growing global network, working in association with a select few manufacturers, to supply our customers with a range of premium products, delivered direct.

Recently, St Helens Plant have embarked on another association with Europe’s leading manufacturer of debris netting, scaffold sheeting and fence nets.

Landskroon based in Holland provide premium quality netting and sheeting for construction sectors, sport sectors, agricultural, logistics and cargo. As a Holland based company, quality comes as standard, much like many products and services from the Netherlands.

St Helens Plant now stock and supply a scaffolding specific range of debris netting and scaffold sheeting.




Debris Net

Debris Net is designed to provide protection for those in proximity to scaffold structures, preventing debris, tools or equipment falling outwith scaff-net-stanthe structure.

Original Debris Net as supplied by St Helens Plant is HDPE knitted monofilament, with broad temperature resistance ranging from -40/+80 ºC. Debris Net has been designed with robust tear resistance at 45 N. Scaff Net also features knitted black eyelets, with a tear resistance of 180 N.

Debris Net is available in a wide range of sizes, alongside a bright range of colours.

Standard and premium types are available, featuring additional attributes including;

  • Heavier fabric weight
  • Greater tensile strength
  • Greater tear and wind reduction
  • Shade Factor @ 48%

Both products can be purchased direct from St Helens Plant – same day dispatch guaranteed to any location, local, national or international.


Scaffold Sheeting

Scaffold sheeting is also a popular choice for contractors in need of a more robust scaffold containment solution.scaff-tarp-2

Scaffold Sheeting is used in much the same way as debris netting. Designed to provide protection for those working inside the scaffold and those in proximity. Scaffold sheeting also provides protection for the building or construction the scaffolding structure is installed upon.

Scaffold sheeting now available from St Helens Plant is manufactured using HDPE Leno fabric with an LDPE coating. Designed to permit 80% of light transmission, with a tensile strength of 320 N / 5cm. Scaff Trap has a fabric weight of 130g/m2, with a tarp weight of ca.145-150 g/m2.scaff-tarp---expert

The sheeting features absolutely no joints, with eyelet bands in length direction every 10cm. One of the main features of the sheeting, compared to debris nets is the high tear resistance rate of 405 N, compared to the 45 N lightweight debris netting provides.

Scaffold sheeting is available in standard as detailed above, alongside a flame retardant and a premium version, featuring;

  • Heavier fabric weight of 150 g/m2scaff-tarp-expert-2
  • Greater tensile strength of 345 N/ 5cm
  • Flame retardant attributes – in accordance with EN13501-1 CLASS BUV stability
  • Greater light transmission

Scaffold sheeting standard, flame-retardant and premium are available supplied direct from St Helens Plant, dispatched and delivered to any location.


Fence Net

Fence net is another product St Helens Plant now supply. Fence Net acts much the same way as debris netting, by preventing debris or materials out with the netted fence area.

Fence net is used within many construction sites and commercial / residential construction sites, for both for weafence-net-frther and working protection alongside shade and aesthetic reasons.

Fence Net is manufactured using HDPE knitted mono / tape, with a fabric weight of 150 g/m2. Tensile strength of Fence Net is robust featuring; 450 / 200 N/5cm, with a tear resistance of 60 / 60 N.

Fence Net provides UV stability, air permeability and shade factor, alongside being available in a range of bight and popular colours.

Fence Net Standard and Fence Net Flame Retardant are both available, stocked and supplied by St Helens Plant.




Fixings and Accessories

Scaff Net, Scaff Trap and Fence Net are designed featuring eyelets, permitting easy attachment to the scaffold structure. Customers have a range of options when it comes to choosing what type of attachment, including;

Cable Ties

Cable ties have always been a popular choice, with pros and cons aside. Cable ties are by far the most cost effective, at less than 1p per piece. However, do result in litter when cut off the scaffold and cannot be reused. Cable ties can also be time consuming to install, when compared to Klipp-it.

Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are also a popular choice, providing flexibility cable ties do not. Bungee cords are generally used with heavier more robust, Scaff Tarp. As was the case with cable ties, pros and cons to bungee cords range from; being far more flexible than cable ties, however more expensive at 28p per unit, and can also be time consuming to install.


Klipp-it is a new clip system designed with the ability to quickly snap-on the scaffold netting or sheeting at any location – with no need to be restricted to eyelet intervals. Klipp-it also has pros and cons, such as; it’s far quicker to attach sheeting and netting, can be reused over and over, can be seen from ground level. However, is more expensive than cable ties and bungee cords at approx. 69p per unit.

Cable ties, bungee cords and Klipp-it are available as attachment solutions for Scaff Net, Scaff Tarp and Fence Net.


Get a Quote

If you’d like more information on Scaff Net, Scaff Tarp or Fence Net now in stock and supplied direct from St Helens Plant, contact us on – 01744 085 030 or email us at –

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