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Yacht Cradle Stillage Solution: Designed, Manufactured, Delivered.

St Helens Plant are well-known for our award-winning, solution focused stillage fabrications.

Recently we were called upon by a Yacht club, based in the UK to assist in the design and fabrication of a very bespoke stillage system.

The team at St Helens Plant worked hand-in-hand with boatyard personnel to provide an exact stillage solution – designed to provide storage of Yacht cradles, when not in use.


Yacht Cradle

Yacht Cradle


Yacht Cradle Stillage Fabrication

The personnel at Parkstone Yacht Club had implemented a new cradle solution to better assist in supporting members Yachts when not in use and ashore.

The new system had proved to be a success, however posed a slight problem as storage of the Yacht cradles was now required, when the cradles are not in use during the summer months.

The innovative team at St Helens Plant added with the problem solving, customer focussed attributes of the Parkstone Yacht Club, resulted in a cost effective, stillage solution featuring;

  • Manufactured with internal dimensions of; 1800mm long 1100 mm wide and 1.4 metres high
  • Fully galvanised steel composition permitting resistance to offshore environmental factors
  • Segregated internal compartments with the ability to store more than one cradle per stillage
  • Fold-down access panel front featured on all stillages permitting easy loading and unloading
  • Fabricated with fork guides and pallet feet
  • Designed with the stackable ability

The team at St Helens Plant successfully designed, manufactured and delivered 40 Yacht cradle stillages, providing an exact solution to an exact requirement.




Solution Focussed Stillage Systems – Innovation in Fabrication

St Helens Plant take great pride in providing our customers solutions, where others see problems. Our award-winning team of master craftsmen have the ability to provide bespoke, solution focussed stillage systems, to any scale, for any sector.

Our team has had the great pride and pleasure of designing, manufacturing and engineering a diverse range of stillage for industrial, commercial, aerospace and armed forces sectors.

Our Passion is in the Production, Our Pride is in the Quality!


In Summary

We love what we do and we’re good at it. St Helens Plant are driven on providing solution focussed products and equipment, specialising in industrial and commercial stillage systems.

If you’re looking to discuss stillage requirements you have, contact us on – 01744 850 300 or email us at – info@sthp.co.uk

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