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We repair and recondition; scaffolding and scaffold fittings, stillage, steel pallets and bins, road plates and groundworks products.

Blast Cleaning

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Shot Blasting & Paint

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SCAFFOLDINGRepair & Reconditioning Process

St Helens Plant provide repair, reconditioning, manufacturing and supply of system scaffolding; Kwikstage, Cuplock, Ringlock and Haki-Type systems. We also cater for traditional tube and fitting scaffolds.
Process 1 - Blast Cleaning

Before any inspection or repair of scaffolding, components or fittings can take place, blast cleaning is the first priority to ensure sufficient cleanliness – exposing any defects or damage.

Blast cleaning processes are conducted using a traditional 4 wheel shot blasting machine, other smaller components are processed through a barrel shot blasting machine which carefully erodes all
surface paint and debris.

This process is highly powered, fully automatic, fast and efficient – greatly reducing cleaning costs in comparison to other cleaning methods.

Process 2 - Inspection

Once the blast cleaning process is complete and all defects can be easily identified, scaffolding is then stringently inspected for flaws, defects, damage, rust and rot.

Following this process our internal quality assurance procedures are then conducted.

Process 3 - Repair

Our skilled and knowledgeable fabricators conduct the necessary repairs to any defected, damaged and corroded scaffolding, components or scaffold fittings.

Once all equipment has been restored back to a fit for purpose working condition, their then passed onto the next process for an anti-corrosive coating to be applied.

Process 4 - Shot Blasting & Painting

Incorporated within our manufacturing and reconditioning center is our scaffold shot blasting & painting division.

Our finishing team has just as much immense attention to detail, backed by some of the latest technologies available – to ensure all scaffolding, fittings or components are finished to the highest possible standard, with the same level of longevity and robustness as that of newly manufactured, factory-fresh scaffolding.

During this process scaffolding and scaffold components are painted by following a fully dipped procedure or, conventionally sprayed with a recognizable, durable protective paint. A wide variety of colours are available to allow personalization of your equipment in your own corporate company colours. Providing easy identification within construction sites and projects.

trench - BEFORE
trench - AFTER


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SCAFFOLD Fittings Repair & Servicing

As a full service provider and specialist in repair and reconditioning we provide scaffold fittings servicing and repair. We can provide a quick-turnaround as well as replacement of fittings that are unable to be repaired.
Scaffold Fitting - Servicing

If you have scaffold fittings you’d like serviced to keep them in full operational order, St Helens Plant servicing of scaffold fittings includes;

  • Fittings Individually Inspected
  • Fittings Individually threaded
  • Fittings oiled and lubricated
Scaffold Fitting - Reconditioning

For customers that require scaffold fitting repair, our dedicated division can quickly turn-around any quantity, we can also provide replacement of any fittings beyond repair.

  • Tumble Blasted
  • Fittings Individually Inspected
  • Fittings Individually threaded
  • Fittings oiled and lubricated

Road Plates Resurfacing &Groundworks Reconditioning

St Helens Plant Limited are accredited installers of the Rocbinda Colorvial Anti-Skid, High Friction Surfacing System. Our team have the ability to repair and resurface anti-skid road plates, with painted edge finishes also available in any RAL/BS colour.
Anti-Skid Road Plate Resurfacing

If you have a stock of anti-skid road plates in need of resurfacing and refurbishment, get in touch for a cost-effective quote on renewing your valuable stock, rather than replacing.

Trench Sheet Refurbishment

Trench sheet repair and refurbishment is available for any quantity required our rapid response reconditioning teams can provide cost-competitive solutions to help retain your stock, rather than replacing.

RMD Soldiers Refurbishment

RMD Soldiers repair and refurbishment is also provided by St Helens Plant, with protective paint finish options available in any RAL/BS colour.

Props Refurbishment & Repair

Props is another popular product St Helens Plant repair and refurbish, with protective paint finish options available in any RAL/BS colour. Get in touch with our rapid response reconditioning team to discuss your requirements.

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