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RMD Soldiers Refurbishment & Repair

St Helens Plant provide full-spectrum refurbishment services, inclusive of shot blasting and painting, available in any RAL colour.

Tubed Double Steel Pallet Fabrication

All scaffolding supplies, systems, formwork and access products we manufacture are available painted or fully galvansied.

Scaffold Fittings Refurbishment

Rapid turnaround on scaffold fittings refurbishment available for requirements both large and small.

Slimline Soldiers Refurbishment

Industrial refurbishment and repair is available for all types of non-mechanical metal and steelwork equipment.

Scaffold Fittings Shot Blaster

All scaffold fittings we repair and refurbish are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 legislation and regulations.

scaffold shot blasting

Painting Track & Drying Zone 2

Painting Track & Drying Zone 3

St Helens Plant is the UK's largest, all-encompassing manufacturing, repairs and refurbishment plant, specialising in scaffolding and access products reconditioning.

Protective Paint Available in any RAL Colour

Customers can choose from a wide range of protective paint finishes, available in any RAL colour.

Procedures and Processes...

We work in partnership with some of the UK’s leading paint manufacturers to provide and extensive range of protective paint finishes to protect and preserve against extreme environmental factors, both weather and work related. Painted finishes available in any RAL colour, fully galvansied options also available.

Process 1

All scaffolding, scaffolding fittings, components, products and accessories suitable for shot blasting and painting services are prepared and cleaned via our shot blasting and tumble blasting machines to ensure sufficient debris is removed enabling thorough inspection and the visibility of any damage, defect or corrosion.


The blast cleaning process is carried out using our four wheel shot blast machine, smaller components are processed through our tumble blast machine.

Process 2

Once the blast cleaning process is complete then the inspection of all scaffolding, fittings and components is then conducted. Any defective or unfit for purpose components are separated and the processed through our scaffold repairs facility.


Necessary repairs to any defective scaffolding components can then be scheduled and conducted in order to return the scaffolding and equipment back to a fit for purpose, working condition. Further details on this process can be found within the Scaffold Repair & Reconditioning section.

Process 3

The application of an anti-corrosive coating is applied followed by the additional application of a protective paint, meeting both cosmetic and functional requirements. Scaffolding components are then, either fully dipped using our conventional mono-rail track system or alternatively, spray painted. Our purpose built systems can easily accommodate the majority of system scaffolding as well as larger industrial access and bespoke access solutions.


We work in partnership with many of the leading paint manufacturers to meet the diverse needs and requirements of each individual client. We provide a wide range of corporate customisation options, with all protective paint finishes. Our purpose-built drying chambers and paint booths can easily accommodate any size of system scaffolding and components.

Process 4

Hand finishing, final inspection and quality control is then carried out. All moving parts are freed, checked and lubricated. Our in-house scaffold inspectors are fully certified and have the ability to conduct fault diagnosis, specification review and 3rd party inspections.

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