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COMBI – Ringlock System

The COMBI system is now available from St Helens Plant – the ONLY official supplier. This Ringlock-type system is extremely versatile and has the ability to be used with other Ringlock-type systems.

The COMBI system has been NASC audited and available in any quantity required, large stocks on site and available.

  • Global Dispatch
  • New & Used Stock Available (some items)
  • Repair & Reconditioning Available

Traditional Ringlock V’s COMBI / COMBI Ringlock

For many years St Helens Plant have identified a common issue in the traditional system manufacturers such as; Kwikstage, Cuplock.

Our new partnership addresses that issue, meaning that any type of ‘Ringlock’ currently in use or invested in – can be used in conjunction with St Helens Plant’s Ringlock (COMBI / COMBI METRIC). This gives the customer the advantage to purchase new products that are fully supported by a complete care, repair and maintenance package.

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St Helens Plant Continues Expansion as Primary UK Ringlock Supplier, Produced by MJ Gerüst ?? ??