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Defender V Mesh Temporary Fencing with WaterBlok™ – 3m

Introducing our 2.4m V Mesh Temporary Fencing System, equipped with Water Ballast Tanks for added stability. Our Defender Paladin Fencing™ is a revolutionary and durable temporary fencing system that offers the strength of a rigid mesh fence in an on-ground relocatable design.

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By using the “V mesh” technology and being bolstered by our 50kg BraceBlok™ ballast blocks or 355kg WaterBlok™ water filled ballast tanks, our system eliminates the need for digging into the ground to set up a sturdy, temporary fence. This not only reduces the potential for unintended damage to underground utilities but also cuts down on installation time and labor expenses with a quick and effortless setup process.

Defender Paladin Fencing, offered in both 2.4m and 3m heights, is the perfect solution for construction sites or other locations that demand a robust temporary perimeter. Designed to eliminate trip hazards on the side facing pedestrians, this fencing offers superior strength compared to standard temporary mesh fencing.

Our system offers the option of powder coating in any BS / RAL colour, for an additional cost, to align with your company’s branding.