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4 Post Divided Bin (Fitting Bin)

The 4 post divided bin is a versatile bin that’s used to segregate scaffolding products, accessories and fittings. The 4 post divided bin is designed to segregate products, this type of stillage is fully compatible with the standard 4 post stillage and bins.

Available finishes include;
protective paint finish in any RAL/BS colour, self-colour or fully galvanised.

  • Global Dispatch
  • New & Used Stock Available (some items)
  • Repair & Reconditioning Available
  • Compatible with standard 4 post stillages and bins for easy integration into existing storage systems
  • Divided compartments allow for organized storage and easy access to different types of products
  • Suitable for storing scaffolding products, accessories, and fittings, small tools, equipment and accessories
  • Robust construction ensures long-lasting use in industrial environments
  • Can be easily moved and stacked for efficient use of space in warehouses or job sites

NOTE: This is a genuine British made product manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant.


PLEASE NOTE: At St Helens Plant, we pride ourselves on being a manufacturer rather than an online catalogue company. Our in-house engineers build our products to the highest standards, we offer manufacturer-direct prices on our full range of stillages.

This is a genuine British made product manufactured and supplied by St Helens Plant ??


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