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Kwikstage Diagonal Brace

The kwikstage diagonal brace is another essential and necessary scaffolding component designed for use with kwikstage system scaffolding. The purpose of the kwikstage diagonal brace is to strengthen the scaffolding bay.

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The kwikstage diagonal brace should always be implemented with no less than a minimum of three bays in between the location of the diagonal brace. Essentially kwikstage diagonal braces are placed at every fourth scaffolding bay, and fixed to the “V” pressing of kwikstage standards.

Manufacturer Direct – Scaffolding Sales and Services

St Helens Plant, based in St Helens Merseyside, with a smaller division located in Glasgow, specialise in providing manufacturer direct scaffolding supplies, sales and equipment. We differ greatly from most scaffolding suppliers, due to being manufacturers of products we supply we have the ability to provide a full-spectrum of services. Ranging from; scaffold repair and refurbishment and scaffold fittings refurbishment to scaffold trade-in. Bespoke fabrication – to any specification is also available, alongside updated modifications to current stock or equipment.

New and Used Kwikstage – for Sale

St Helens Plant supply both new and used kwikstage available for sale, at highly competitive UK prices. We also supply galvanised kwikstage, customers can also choose from a range of protective paint finishes, available in any RAL colour.

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply a wide range of kwikstage scaffolding components, kwikstage scaffolding systems and kwikstage scaffolding supplies. As ISO 9001:2015 accredited manufacturers, all scaffolding systems and products we manufacture and supply for sale, locally, nationally and internationally are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 regulations and legislation.


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