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Saftec® Foldaway Working Platform

Saftec® Foldaway Working Platform is designed to be used as a working platform, due to the exceptional design, engineering and safety attributes the Saftec® is fitted with it can also be utilised as edge protection/ fall prevention as well as shoring of wall formworking.

Saftec® Foldaway Working Platform is fabricated with a small number of components that result in the system being extremely economical with an increased level of safety.

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Saftec® Working Platforms are manufactured using the latest state of the art robotised facilities, providing extreme precision and thoroughness. The Saftec® Working Platforms are designed to be easy to transport, maintaining product safety and quality.

The Saftec® Foldaway Platform has been designed to meet with safety requirements when formworking at height. This multi-purpose, foldaway platform is manufactured using a highly sophisticated production system, permitting increased working safety onsite. The Saftec® Foldaway Platform consists of very few components, resulting in an easy to use system that can be used as edge protection / fall prevention, a working platform and shoring of wall formworking.

The monoblock structure of the Saftec® platform has a working size of 1,75m to 2,5m wide and 4,0m to 6,5m long. Suspension points are set at 1.5m apart with the intention of simplifying planning and assembly when on site. The Saftec® platform is also fitted with an automatic safety system that activates an in-built safety brake to be applied on supports, stopping the platform from becoming unslotted from the footing.

A protective netting is also incorporated alongside a front protective guard rail, with the ends being protected by lateral barriers to ensure circulation and additional safety during onsite works.

Saftec® Foldaway Platform – Specifications and Loads

The Saftec® platform weighs 155 daN/ml with the rear extension applied.

Admissible Loads:
• The circulation Sub-load is 150 daN/m²
• Height of the maximum ”banche” 8.5 m (160 daN/ m²)
• Wind strength: 85 Km/h are 60 daN/m²
• Standard support 5000 daN

New & Used Formwork – Available

St Helens Plant manufacture and supply both new and used formwork systems, formwork products and equipment – available at competitive UK prices.  Next day delivery is also available, UK wide – location dependant. We also provide international export for all products and systems shown within our shop.

As ISO 9001:2015 approved manufactures, all scaffolding supplies, scaffolding systems and accessories we manufacture, supply and refurbish are in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 legislation and regulations.

Manufacturer Direct – Scaffolding Sales and Services

St Helens Plant, based in St Helens Merseyside, with a smaller division located in Glasgow, specialise in providing manufacturer direct scaffolding supplies, sales and equipment. We differ greatly from most scaffolding suppliers, due to being manufacturers of products we supply, we have the ability to provide a full-spectrum of services. Ranging from; scaffold repair and scaffold reconditioning to scaffold fittings refurbishment and scaffolding trade-in. Bespoke fabrication – to any specification is also available, alongside updated modifications to current stock or equipment.

Buying Scaffolding Supplies 

St Helens Plant don’t display prices on products we supply, as this allows us to remain fluid with the market and provide the most competitive price possible, at that time. If you’d like to receive a quote for scaffolding supplies, systems and equipment shown within our shop, quotes can be obtained from the “Get a Quote” button shown. Alternatively, customers can contact us direct on – 01744 850 300 within business hours, or email us at –



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