Joint Venture Scaffolding Ltd

At Joint Venture Scaffolding Ltd, our roof edge protection, netting & fall arrest services offering, is entirely reliant upon our professional installation methods, safety track record, but more crucially the utilisation of bona fide, robust, industry recognised components – STHP have single-handedly enabled this for us.

Recognition of their meticulous, fastidious attention to detail, coupled with a positive & upbeat, can do, approach to getting the job done safely, first time around, makes them perfect candidates and recipients of such an accolade.

Despite having a combined industry experience amounting to decades, without the considerable financial support, as well as the facility of an entire infrastructure of premises, materials & transport; from STHP – we simply would not be in business today.

Thankfully, after exhaustive due diligence, we were able to tap into Gordon’s (STHP’s), industry knowledge, specialist safety system components & prerequisite working capital – all at a time when the banks were extremely risk-averse concerning new start-ups & in particular, anything construction related.

Joint Venture Scaffolding Ltd

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